Who we are

The Edge Computing Hub is a growing and dynamic community of academic researchers and industry specialists that bring together the two worlds of computer science/IT and telecoms for making ‘Edge Computing’ a reality.

Edge computing allows for processing data closer to users, thus making Internet applications more responsive, reliable and secure. Our research is mindful of people-at-the-heart of technology.

Our vision is to tackle key systems centric challenges for deploying massively distributed edge systems by embedding intelligence into key decision-making activities. Find out more about What We Do.

What we do

We publish scientific research in edge computing, provide accompanying software to the community, and actively participate in outreach and impact activities







Meet the team

Queen's University Belfast

Blesson Varghese

Principal Investigator

Peter Kilpatrick


Ivor Spence


Rehmat Ullah

Research Fellow

Di Wu

PhD Student

Stuart Campbell

Business Developement

Rakuten Mobile

Paul Harvey

Research Lead

Pierre Imai

Head of Autonomous Networking Research & Innovation

Prakaiwan Vajrabhya

Research Outreach and Promotion Lead

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