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Versions of the program AEDU held in the CPC Program Library

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AEDU_v1_0 (i) imagetime1d, (ii) imagetime2d, (iii) imagetime3d, (iv) imagetimecir, (v) imagetimesph, (vi) imagetimeaxial, (vii) realtime1d, (viii) realtime2d, (ix) realtime3d, (x) realtimecir, (xi) realtimesph, (xii) realtimeaxial
CPC 180(2009)1888
AEDU_v2_0 GP-SCL package, consisting of: (i) imagtime1d, (ii) imagtime2d, (iii) imagtime2d-th, (iv) imagtimecir, (v) imagtime3d, (vi) imagtime3d-th, (vii) imagtimeaxial, (viii) imagtimeaxial-th, (ix) imagtimesph, (x) realtime1d, (xi) realtime2d, (xii) realtime2d-th, (xiii) realtimecir, (xiv) realtime3d, (xv) realtime3d-th, (xvi) realtimeaxial, (xvii) realtimeaxial-th, (xviii) realtimesph
CPC 183(2012)2021
AEDU_v3_0 GP-SCL-HYB package, consisting of: (i) imagtime3d-hyb, (ii) realtime3d-hyb.
CPC 200(2016)411
AEDU_v4_0 BEC-GP-OMP package, consisting of: (i) imag1d, (ii) imag2d, (iii) imag3d, (iv) imagaxi, (v) imagcir, (vi) imagsph, (vii) real1d, (viii) real2d, (ix) real3d, (x) realaxi, (xi) realcir, (xii) realsph.
CPC 204(2016)209