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Manuscript Title: ParticleRecognition, a Mathematica GUI interface for analysis of complex shaped nanoparticles in micrographs
Authors: Filip Novotný
Program title: ParticleRecognition
Catalogue identifier: AFBN_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 214(2017)98
Programming language: Mathematica.
Computer: Any computer where Mathematica version 9 or higher is running.
Operating system: Windows/Linux/Mac.
Keywords: Image processing, image segmentation, particle analysis, particle morphology, noble metal nanoparticles, plasmonics.
Classification: 16.9.

Nature of problem:
Providing interactive GUI for electron micrograph particle analysis using interactive image filtering and segmentation. The application enables a convenient way of navigating through the myriad of ways to analyse particles in micrographs.

Solution method:
ParticleRecognition can accept image as a functional parameter or load image from file using standard system menu. The image filtering is done via built in Mathematica functions and custom tailored functions, allowing for interactive change of parameters. The result of automated particle recognition can be overridden by interactive hand picking individual particles in the original image.

No general restrictions, specific restrictions are given in the manuscript.

Running time:
The GUI is designed so the image processing filters are previewed on a sub-image, allowing for interactive parameter editing. The filtering of whole image together with segmentation take less than a minute on modern PC considering image size up to 2K.