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Manuscript Title: PDoublePop: An implementation of parallel genetic algorithm for function optimization.
Authors: Ioannis G. Tsoulos, Alexandros Tzallas, Dimitris Tsalikakis
Program title: PDoublePop
Catalogue identifier: AFBJ_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 209(2016)183
Programming language: GNU-C++, GNU-C, GNU Fortran - 77, MPI.
Computer: The tool has been tested on Linux and FreeBSD. The tool is designed to be portable in all systems running the GNU C++ compiler, with Open MPI or LAM MPI.
Operating system: Any running the GNU C++ compiler.
Has the code been vectorised or parallelized?: Yes
RAM: 200KB
Keywords: Global optimization, stochastic methods, genetic algorithms, parallel programming.
PACS: 02.60.-x, 02.60.Pn, 07.05.Kf, 02.70.Lq, 07.05.Mh.
Classification: 4.9, 4.12, 6.5.

Nature of problem:
A series of problems in science and engineering usually can be formulated as a problem of minimizing a function of many variables. The so called local optimization techniques are frequently trapped in local minima, that it sub optimal solutions. For that reason researchers should use more advanced methods that aim to estimate the global minimum of the function.

Solution method:
A stopping rule and a periodical application of local search are utilized in conjunction with parallel genetic algorithms in order to solve optimization problems. The parallelization is performed using the MPI programming interface.

Running time:
Depending on the objective function.