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Manuscript Title: MassToMI - a Mathematica package for an automatic Mass Insertion expansion
Authors: Janusz Rosiek
Program title: MassToMI v1.0
Catalogue identifier: AEZF_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 201(2016)144
Programming language: Mathematica 10.2 (earlier versions should work as well).
Computer: Any running Mathematica.
Operating system: Any running Mathematica.
RAM: Allocated dynamically by Mathematica, at least 4GB total RAM suggested.
Keywords: Mass Insertion Expansion, Flavor Violation, Mass Eigenstates vs. Interaction Basis.
Classification: 11.1, 5.

Nature of problem:
Automatized expansion of QFT transition amplitude calculated in mass eigenstates basis into power series of off-diagonal elements of mass matrices of the interaction basis Lagrangian.

Solution method:
Implementation (as the Mathematica package) of the algebraic algorithm "Flavor Expansion Theorem", formulated and proven in Ref. [1] given below.

Running time:
Depending on complexity of the analyzed expression, from seconds for simple problems to hours for complicated amplitudes expanded to high order (using Mathematica 10.2 running on a personal computer)

[1] A. Dedes, M. Paraskevas, J. Rosiek, K. Suxho, K. Tamvakis, Mass Insertions vs. Mass Eigenstates calculations in Flavour Physics, JHEP 1506 (2015) 151 [arXiv:1504.00960 [hep-ph]].