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Manuscript Title: FlexibleSUSY - A spectrum generator generator for supersymmetric models
Authors: Peter Athron, Jae-hyeon Park, Dominik Stöckinger, Alexander Voigt
Program title: FlexibleSUSY
Catalogue identifier: AEVI_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 190(2015)139
Programming language: C++, Wolfram/Mathematica, FORTRAN, Bourne shell.
Computer: Personal computer.
Operating system: Tested on Linux 3.x, Mac OS X.
Keywords: Sparticle, Supersymmetry, Higgs, Renormalization group equations.
PACS: 12.60.Jv, 14.80.Ly.
Classification: 11.1, 11.6, 6.5.

External routines: SARAH 4.0.4, Boost library, Eigen, LAPACK

Nature of problem:
Determining the mass spectrum and mixings for any supersymmetric model. The generated code must find simultaneous solutions to constraints which are specified at two or more different renormalization scales, which are connected by renormalization group equations forming a large set of coupled first-order differential equations.

Solution method:
Nested iterative algorithm and numerical minimization of the Higgs potential.

The couplings must remail perturbative at all scales between the highest and the lowest boundary condition. FlexibleSUSY assumes that all couplings of the model are real (i.e. CP-conserving). Due to the modular nature of the generated code, adaption and extension to overcome restrictions in scope is quite straightforward.

Running time:
0.06-0.2 seconds per parameter point.