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Manuscript Title: 3D Simulation of the Cluster-Cluster Aggregation Model
Authors: Chao Li, Hailing Xiong
Program title: CCA
Catalogue identifier: AEUK_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 185(2014)3424
Programming language: Java.
Computer: Any computer with Windows, java jdk and java3d jdk installed.
Operating system: Windows.
RAM: Determined by the number of the initial particles in the simulation test
Keywords: Cluster-Cluster aggregation, Aggregation model, Fractal.
Classification: 14, 16.12.

Nature of problem:
The programs for the CCA model published are very rare, and are mostly in the form of a 2D figure. So, existing computer simulation programs can't well simulate the fractal aggregation. Compared to the existing programs, our simulation program for the CCA model in the form of a 3D figure can better simulate the process dynamically.

Solution method:
A program is provided that well simulates CCA model in the form of a 3D figure. The program implementation is based on the java programming language. Especially, we use the java3d technology to display the simulative graphics in form of 3D.

In order to show the process of fractal aggregation growth dynamically, this program needs to refresh the graphics of aggregation of colloidal particle frequently. So this program takes up a lot of computer memory. The storage capacity of the computer memory used to run the program will limit the number of single particles which the program can simulate.

Unusual features:
The program simulates the CCA model in the form of a 3D figure using the java3d technology.

Running time:
Determined by the size of the problem.