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Manuscript Title: NMSSMCALC: A Program Package for the Calculation of Loop-Corrected Higgs Boson Masses and Decay Widths in the (Complex) NMSSM
Authors: J. Baglio, R. Gröber, M. Mühlleitner, D.T. Nhung, H. Rzehak, M. Spira, J. Streicher, K. Walz
Program title: NMSSMCALC
Catalogue identifier: AEUE_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 185(2014)3372
Programming language: Fortran77.
Computer: Any with a Fortran77 system.
Operating system: Linux, Unix.
RAM: 0.5MB
Keywords: NMSSM Higgs mass corrections, NMSSM Higgs boson decays including higher order corrections, off-shell decays.
Classification: 11.1.

Nature of problem:
Computation of the NMSSM Higgs mass spectrum including higher order corrections in a mixed renormalisation scheme of on-shell and DRbar conditions, and numerical calculation of the decay widths and branching ratios, both in the CP-conserving and in the CP-violating NMSSM. The decay widths include the dominant higher order QCD corrections and, for the neutral Higgs boson decays into a bottom quark pair, the higher order SUSY-QCD and the approximate SUSY-electroweak (elw) corrections up to one-loop accuracy. The decays into a strange quark pair include the dominant resummed SUSY-QCD corrections and the one into a τ pair the dominant resummed SUSY-elw corrections. Analogously for the charged Higgs boson the higher order SUSY corrections have been implemented for the decays into fermion pairs. In the real NMSSM, the decays into stop and sbottom pairs, respectively, contain the SUSY-QCD corrections. All relevant off-shell decays into massive gauge bosons, into gauge and Higgs bosons, into Higgs pairs and into heavy quark pairs have been taken into account. The input and output files feature the SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA).

Solution method:
The necessary input values are set in the two input files inp.dat (in the SLHA format) and bhdecay.in. The file inp.dat, where the choice between the real and the complex NMSSM can be made, is read in by CalcMasses.F, which calculates the one-loop corrected NMSSM Higgs mass spectrum. CalcMasses.F writes out all necessary parameters, masses and mixing angles in an SLHA format file slha.in, which is read in by bhdecay.f (by bhdecay c.f in the complex case). This Fortran routine then computes the decay widths and branching ratios and writes them out in an SLHA format file slha decay.out. Furthermore it writes out all parameters and mixing angles.

At present the NMSSM Higgs spectrum is calculated at one-loop accuracy, the Higgs self-couplings at leading order, and no renormalisation group running of the input parameters is included. However, we are about to implement the two-loop corrections to the NMSSM Higgs boson masses and the Higgs self-couplings. Furthermore, the renormalisation group equations for the input parameters shall be provided in the near future. The program does not provide any distributions.

Running time:
Less than one second per point