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Manuscript Title: CORSIKA Implementation of Heavy Quark Production and Propagation in Extensive Air Showers
Authors: A. Bueno, A. Gascón
Program title: corsika-6990-Heavy
Catalogue identifier: AERC_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 185(2014)638
Programming language: FORTRAN77.
Computer: Intel-Pentium based Personal Computers.
Operating system: Linux.
RAM: 373 Mb
Keywords: CORSIKA, EAS simulation, Heavy Quarks.
Classification: 1.1.

External routines: Corsika (http://www-ik.fzk.de/~corsika/)

Nature of problem:
Charmed and bottom hadron production and propagation inside Extensive Air Showers.

Solution method:
Heavy quarks are produced according to two different production models. Propagation in the atmosphere is handled using already present CORSIKA subroutines. New subroutines are written to simulate their interactions with air nuclei.

Heavy quark production has only been implemented in the first interaction.

Running time:
From 4.2 h (output file size ~ 120 Mb) at 1019 eV to 4.7 h (output file size ~170 Mb) at 1019.75 eV, with thinning 10-6 E(GeV).