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Manuscript Title: Program in C for studying characteristic properties of two-body interactions in the framework of spectral distribution theory
Authors: K.D. Launey, S. Sarbadhicary, T. Dytrych, J.P. Draayer
Program title: sdt
Catalogue identifier: AEQG_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 185(2014)254
Programming language: C.
Computer: Laptop, Workstation.
Operating system: Linux [tested on Linux (Kernel 2.6.9) with a gcc, version 3.4.6].
RAM: Less than 10 MB
Keywords: Spectral distribution theory, Similarity of interactions, Properties of realistic and schematic interactions, Monopole interaction.
Classification: 17.15.

Nature of problem:
The program calculates second-order energy moments, such as variances and correlation coefficients, widely used as measures of the overall strength of an interaction and its similarity to other interactions. It allows for studies of the physical properties of various interactions and their effect on many-particle systems.

Solution method:
Calculations are based on spectral distribution theory and invoke statistical measures provided by the theory.

Running time:
Less than 20 minutes (typically, several seconds) using a 1.80 GHz processor.

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