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Manuscript Title: GGRESRC: A Monte Carlo generator for the two-photon process e+e-e+e-R (JPC = 0-+) in the single-tag mode.
Authors: V.P. Druzhinin, L.V. Kardapoltsev, V.A. Tayursky
Program title: GGRESRC
Catalogue identifier: AEQB_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 185(2014)236
Programming language: FORTRAN 77.
Computer: PC, main frame.
Operating system: Linux, Unix.
RAM: 512 kb
Keywords: Monte Carlo generator, Two-photon process, Meson-photon transition form factor e+e- annihilation.
Classification: 11.2, 11.6.

External routines: CERN program library (Necessary routines are included in the distribution.)

Nature of problem:
Simulation of the e+e- experiment on measurement of the pseudoscalar meson-photon transition formfactors in the single tag mode

Solution method:
Events, that are four-momenta of particles, produced in e+e- collision according to the theoretical cross section, are generated by Monte Carlo method.

Additional comments:
The theoretical uncertainty of the formulas used is estimated to be about 1% [1]

Running time:
On Intel Pentium CPU @ 3.4 GHz simulation of 106 events e+e-e+e-π0 with cuts (test run) takes 110 sec.

[1] S. Ong and P. Kessler, Phys. Rev. D 38, 2280 (1988).