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Manuscript Title: Lambert W Function for Applications in Physics
Authors: Darko Veberic
Program title: LambertW
Catalogue identifier: AENC_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 183(2012)2622
Programming language: C++ (with suitable wrappers it can be called from C, Fortran etc.), the supplied command-line utility is suitable for other scripting languages like sh, csh, awk, perl etc.
Computer: All systems with a C++ compiler.
Operating system: All Unix flavors, Windows. It might work with others.
RAM: Small memory footprint, less than 1M byte
Keywords: Lambert W function, computational physics, numerical methods and algorithms, C++.
Classification: 1.1, 4.7, 11.3, 11.9.

Nature of problem:
Find fast and accurate numerical implementation for the Lambert W function.

Solution method:
Halley's and Fritsch's iterations with initial approximations based on branch-point expansion, asymptotic series, rational fits, and continued logarithm recursion.

Additional comments:
Distribution file contains the command-line utility lambert-w and a Makefile. Doxygen comments are included in the source files.

Running time:
The tests provided take only a few seconds to run.