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Manuscript Title: A Recursive Method to Calculate UV-divergent Parts at One-Loop Level in Dimensional Regularization.
Authors: Feng Feng
Program title: UVPart
Catalogue identifier: AELY_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 183(2012)1519
Programming language: Mathematica.
Computer: Any computer where the Mathematica is running.
Operating system: Any capable of running Mathematica.
Keywords: UV-Divergences, One-Loop Corrections, Dimensional Regularization.
PACS: 12.38.Bx.
Classification: 11.1.

External routines: FeynCalc (http://www.feyncalc.org/), FeynArts (http://www.feynarts.de/)

Nature of problem:
To get the UV-divergent part of any one-loop expression.

Solution method:
UVPart is a Mathematica package where the recursive method has been implemented.

Running time:
In general it is below one second.