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Manuscript Title: TIM, a ray-tracing program for METATOY research and its dissemination
Authors: Dean Lambert, Alasdair C. Hamilton, George Constable, Harsh Snehanshu, Sharvil Talati, Johannes Courtial
Program title: TIM
Catalogue identifier: AEKY_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 183(2012)711
Programming language: Java.
Computer: Any computer capable of running the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.6.
Operating system: Any; developed under Mac OS X Version 10.6.
RAM: Typically 145 MB (interactive version running under Mac OS X Version 10.6)
Keywords: Ray tracing, Geometrical optics, METATOYs.
PACS: 42.15.Dp.
Classification: 14, 18.

External routines: JAMA [1] (source code included)

Nature of problem:
Visualisation of scenes that include scene objects that create wave-optically forbidden light-ray fields.

Solution method:
Ray tracing.

Unusual features:
Specifically designed to visualise wave-optically forbidden light-ray fields; can visualise ray trajectories; can visualise geometric optic transformations; can create anaglyphs (for viewing with coloured "3D glasses") and random-dot autostereograms of the scene; integrable into web pages.

Running time:
Problem-dependent; typically seconds for a simple scene

[1] JAMA: A Java Matrix Package, http://math.nist.gov/javanumerics/jama/