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Manuscript Title: Pore scale definition and computation from tomography data
Authors: P.M. Dupuy, P. Austin, G.W. Delaney, M.P. Schwarz
Program title: poresizedist
Catalogue identifier: AEJJ_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 182(2011)2249
Programming language: MatLab.
Computer: Desktop or Laptop.
Operating system: Runs under MatLab (tested in Linux and Windows).
RAM: Tested for problems up to 1010 bytes
Keywords: Pore, pore size distribution, image analysis.
Classification: 7.9, 14.

External routines: MatLab Image Toolbox

Nature of problem:
Identify individual pores from a foreground image representing void space.

Solution method:
Algorithm based on successive erosions with a shrinking erosion disk diameter.

The tomographic data must fit in the available computer memory. The input tomographic data should have the open porosity space to characterize as foreground.

Unusual features:
Can be used together with the solution for the fluid flow for obtaining a combined topological-hydrodynamical characterization.

Additional comments:
Our implementation was oriented for easy understanding, not computational speed. However, see section regarding memory implementation details, RAM-disk swapping strategy and parallelization for details.

Running time:
Typical running time: 2 hours. Largest tested problem (1010 bytes): 1 day. 1 day.