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Manuscript Title: ElAM: A computer program for the analysis and representation of anisotropic elastic properties
Authors: Arnaud Marmier, Zoe A.D. Lethbridge, Richard I. Walton, Christopher W. Smith, Stephen C. Parker, Kenneth E. Evans
Program title: ElAM4.1
Catalogue identifier: AEHB_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 181(2010)2102
Programming language: Fortran90.
Computer: Any.
Operating system: Linux, Windows (XP, Vista).
RAM: Depends chiefly on the size of the arrays representing elastic properties in 3D
Keywords: Elastic properties, Anisotropy, Visualisation, Database.
PACS: 07.05.Rm 62.20.D- 91.60.Ba.
Classification: 7.7.

Nature of problem:
Representation of elastic moduli and ratios, and of wave velocities, in 3D; automatic discovery of unusual elastic properties

Solution method:
Stiffness matrix (6×6) inversion and conversion to compliance tensor (3×3×3×3), tensor rotation, dynamic matrix diagonalisation, simple optimisation, postscript and VRML output preparation

Running time:
Dependent on angular accuracy and size of elastic constant database (from a few seconds to a few hours). The tests provided take from a few seconds for test0 to approximately 1 hour for test4.