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Manuscript Title: Ganga: a tool for computational-task management and easy access to Grid resources
Authors: J.T. Moscicki, F. Brochu, J. Ebke, U. Egede, J. Elmsheuser, K. Harrison, R.W.L. Jones, H.C. Lee, D. Liko, A. Maier, A. Muraru, G.N. Patrick, K. Pajchel, W. Reece, B.H. Samset, M.W. Slater, A. Soroko, C.L. Tan, D.C. Vanderster, M. Williams
Program title: Ganga
Catalogue identifier: AEEN_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 180(2009)2303
Programming language: Python.
Computer: personal computers, laptops.
Operating system: linux/unix.
Keywords: Grid computing, Data mining, Task management, User interface, Interoperability, System integration, Application configuration.
PACS: 07.05.Kf, 07.05.Wr, 29.50.+v, 29.85.+c, 87.18.Bb, 89.20.Ff.
Classification: 6.2, 6.5.

Nature of problem:
Management of computational tasks for scientific applications on heterogenous distributed systems, including local, batch farms, opportunistic clusters and Grids.

Solution method:
High-level job management interface, including command line, scripting and GUI components.

Access to the distributed resources depends on the installed, 3rd party software such as batch system client or Grid user interface.