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Manuscript Title: VBFNLO: A parton level Monte Carlo for processes with electroweak bosons
Authors: K. Arnold, M. Bähr, G. Bozzi, F. Campanario, C. Englert, T. Figy, N. Greiner, C. Hackstein, V. Hankele, B. Jäger, G. Klämke, M. Kubocz, C. Oleari, S. Plätzer, S. Prestel, M. Worek, D. Zeppenfeld
Program title: VBFNLO
Catalogue identifier: AEDO_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 180(2009)1661
Programming language: Fortran, parts in C++.
Computer: All.
Operating system: Linux, should also work on other systems.
Keywords: NLO Monte Carlo program, one-loop QCD corrections, electroweak bosons, hadronic collisions.
PACS: 11.15.-q, 11.80.Cr, 12.38.Bx, 12.60.Fr.
Classification: 11.1, 11.2.

External routines: Optionally Les Houches Accord PDF Interface library and the GNU Scientific library.

Nature of problem:
To resolve the large scale dependence inherent in leading order calculations and to quantify the cross section error induced by uncertainties in the determination of parton distribution functions, it is necessary to include NLO corrections. Moreover, whenever stringent cuts are required on decay products and/or identified jets the question arises whether the scale dependence and a k-factor, defined as the ratio of NLO to LO cross section, determined for the inclusive production cross sections are valid for the search region one is interested in.

Solution method:
The problem is best addressed by implementing the one-loop QCD corrections in a fully flexible NLO parton-level Monte Carlo program, where arbitrary cuts can be specified as well as various scale choices. In addition, any currently available parton distribution function set can be used through the LHAPDF library.

Running time:
Depending on the process studied. Usually from minutes to hours.