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Manuscript Title: LCG MCDB a Knowledgebase of Monte-Carlo Simulated Events.
Authors: S. Belov, L. Dudko, E. Galkin, A. Gusev, W. Pokorski, A. Sherstnev
Program title: LCG Monte-Carlo Data Base
Catalogue identifier: ADZX_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 178(2008)222
Programming language: Perl.
Computer: CPU: Intel Pentium 4, RAM: 1 Gb, HDD: 100 Gb.
Operating system: Scientific Linux CERN 3/4.
RAM: 1073741824 bytes (1 Gb)
Keywords: MCDB, Monte-Carlo Simulation, Monte-Carlo Generators, LHC, Knowledgebase.
PACS: 01.50.hv, 07.05.-t, 07.05.Tp, 07.05.Wr.
Classification: 9.

External routines:
  • perl >= 5.8.5;
  • Perl modules
    • DBD-mysql >= 2.9004,
    • File::Basename,
    • GD::SecurityImage,
    • GD::SecurityImage::AC,
    • Linux::Statistics,
    • XML::LibXML > 1.6,
    • XML::SAX,
    • XML::NamespaceSupport;
  • Apache HTTP Server >= 2.0.59;
  • mod auth external >= 2.2.9;
  • edg-utils-system RPM package;
  • gd >= 2.0.28;
  • rpm package CASTOR- client >= 2.1.2-4;
  • arc-server (optional)

Nature of problem:
Often, different groups of experimentalists prepare similar samples of particle collision events or turn to the same group of authors of Monte-Carlo (MC) generators to prepare the events. For example, the same MC samples of Standard Model (SM) processes can be employed for the investigations either in the SM analyses (as a signal) or in searches for new phenomena in Beyond Standard Model analyses (as a background). If the samples are made available publicly and equipped with corresponding and comprehensive documentation, it can speed up cross checks of the samples themselves and physical models applied. Some event samples require a lot of computing resources for preparation. So, a central storage of the samples prevents possible waste of researcher time and computing resources, which can be used to prepare the same events many times.

Solution method:
Creation of a special knowledgebase (MCDB) designed to keep event samples for the LHC experimental and phenomenological community. The knowledgebase is realized as a separate web-server (mcdb.cern.ch). All event samples are kept on types at CERN. Documentation describing the events is the main contents of MCDB. Users can browse the knowledgebase, read and comment articles (documentation), and download event samples. Authors can upload new event samples, create new articles, and edit own articles.

The software is adopted to solve the problems, described in the article and there are no any additional restrictions.

Unusual features:
The software provides a framework to store and document large files with flexible authentication and authorization system. Different external storages with large capacity can be used to keep the files. The WEB Content Management System provides all of the necessary interfaces for the authors of the files, end-users and administrators.

Running time:
Real time operations.

[1] The main LCG MCDB server http://mcdb.cern.ch/
[2] P. Bartalini, L. Dudko, A. Kryukov, I. V. Selyuzhenkov, A. Sherstnev and A. Vologdin, LCG Monte-Carlo data base, [arXiv:hep-ph/0404241].
[3] J. P. Baud, B. Couturier, C. Curran, J. D. Durand, E. Knezo, S. Occhetti and O. Barring, CASTOR: status and evolution, [arXiv:cs.oh/0305047]