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Manuscript Title: An object-oriented C++ implementation of Davidson method for finding a few selected extreme eigenpairs of a large, sparse, real, symmetric matrix
Authors: Tomasz Dziubak, Jacek Matulewski
Program title: Davidson
Catalogue identifier: ADZM_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 177(2007)676
Programming language: C++.
Computer: All.
Operating system: Any.
RAM: User's parameters dependent
Word size: 32 and 64 bits
Supplementary material: Test results for the 2D and 3D cases are available.
Keywords: eigenstate, eigenvalue, eigenvector, real symmetric matrix, Davidson method, computational physics, computational quantum chemistry.
PACS: 02.10.Yn, 03.65.Fd, 31.15.-p, 02.70.Wz.
Classification: 4, 4.8.

Nature of problem:
Finding a few extreme eigenpairs of a real, symmetric, sparse matrix. Examples in quantum optics (interaction of matter with a laser field).

Solution method:
Davidson algorithm.

Running time:
The test example included in the distribution package (1D matrix) takes approximately 30 minutes to run. 2D matrix calculations can take hours and 3D, days, to run.