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Manuscript Title: HoloTrap: Interactive hologram design for multiple dynamic optical trapping
Authors: E. Pleguezuelos, A. Carnicer, J. Andilla, E. Martín-Badosa, M. Montes-Usategui
Program title: HoloTrap
Catalogue identifier: ADZB_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 176(2007)701
Programming language: Java.
Computer: General computer.
Operating system: Windows, Linux.
RAM: up to 34 Mb including the Java Virtual Machine
Word size: 8 bits
Keywords: Optical tweezers, Interactive manipulation, Digital Holography, Spatial Light Modulators.
PACS: 87.80.Cc, 87.80.y, 42.40.Jv, 42.79.Kr.
Classification: 18.

Nature of problem:
To calculate and display holograms for generating multiple and dynamic optical tweezers to be reconfigured interactively.

Solution method:
Fast random binary mask for the simultaneous codification of multiple phase functions into a phase modulation device.

Running time:
Up to 10 frames per second

[1] The method for calculating holograms can be found in M. Montes-Usategui, et al. Opt. Express, 14 (2006) 2101-2107.