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Manuscript Title: Input Files with ORNL-Mathematical Phantoms of the human body for MCNP-4B
Authors: D. Krstic, D. Nikezic
Program title: Input files for program MCNP-4B [1]
Catalogue identifier: ADYF_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 176(2007)33
RAM: 128Mb
Keywords: MCNP-4B code, Input file, Mathematical phantom, age dependent.
PACS: 02.50.Ng, 07.05.Tp, 87.53.Dq, 87.53.Wz.
Classification: 21.1.

External routines: MCNP-4B [1]

Nature of problem:
The human body and all organs are represented with equations of 3-D geometrical bodies. All equations and other relevant data (material composition, densities etc.) were programmed as input files for MCNP-4B. Seven data files are included in the distribution, AMALE, AFEMALE, AGE15, AGE10, AG5, AGE01, NEWB.

[1] Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC), Oak Ridge National Laboratory. http://mcnp-green.lanl.gov/index.html