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Manuscript Title: HypExp, a Mathematica package for expanding hypergeometric functions around integer-valued parameters
Authors: T. Huber, D. Maître
Program title: HypExp
Catalogue identifier: ADXF_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 175(2006)122
Programming language: Mathematica.
Computer: Computers running Mathematica under Linux or Windows.
Operating system: Linux, Windows.
RAM: Depends on the complexity of the problem
Supplementary material: Library files which contain the expansion of certain hypergeometric functions around their parameters are available.
Keywords: Hypergeometric functions, expansion.
PACS: 02.10.De, 02.30.Gp.
Classification: 4.7, 5.

Nature of problem:
Expansion of hypergeometric functions around integer-valued parameters. These are needed in the context of dimensional regularisation for loop and phase space integrals.

Solution method:
Algebraic manipulation of nested sums and integral representation.

Limited by the memory available

Additional comments:
The program uses the HPL package (ADWX_v1_0) which is included in the distribution.

Running time:
Strongly depending on the problem and the availability of libraries.