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Manuscript Title: An Integrated Tool for Loop Calculations: aITALC
Authors: Alejandro Lorca, Tord Riemann
Program title: aITALC version 1.2.1
Catalogue identifier: ADWO_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 174(2006)71
Programming language: GNU Make, Diana, Form, FORTRAN77.
Computer: PC i386.
Operating system: GNU/Linux, tested on different distributions SuSE 8.2 to 9.3, Red Hat 7.2, Debian 3.0, Ubuntu 5.04. Also on Solaris.
RAM: from 1.5 to 30Mb, depending on modules present and unfolding of examples.
Keywords: Radiative corrections, automatic calculation, Feynman diagrams, computer algebra, aITALC, Diana.
PACS: 12.15.Lk, 13.40.Ks, 02.70.Ws.
Classification: 11.1.

External routines: Diana 2.35 (Qgraf 2.0), Form 3.1, LoopTools 2.1 (FF).

Nature of problem:
Calculation of differential cross sections for e+e- annhilation in one-loop approximation.

Solution method:
Generation and perturbative analysis of Feynman diagrams with later evaluation of matrix elements and form factors.

The limit of application is, for the moment, the 2 → 2 particles reactions in the electro-weak standard model.

Running time:
Few minutes, being highly dependent on the complexity of the process and the FORTRAN compiler.