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Manuscript Title: A layer-multiple-scattering method for phononic crystals and heterostructures of such.
Authors: R. Sainidou, N. Stefanou, I.E. Psarobas, A. Modinos
Program title: MULTEL
Catalogue identifier: ADUT_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 166(2005)197
Programming language: FORTRAN 77.
Computer: Pentium 4 PC, HP J-5600.
Operating system: MS Windows, LINUX, HP-UX.
RAM: 0.9M words
Word size: 32
Keywords: Phononic crystals, complex band structure, transmission and reflection coefficients, multiple scattering, elastic waves.
PACS: 43.20.+g, 43.40.+s, 62.30.+d.
Classification: 7.8.

Nature of problem:
Calculation of the complex band structure associated with a given surface of a phononic crystal, and of the transmission, reflection and absorption coefficients of elastic waves by a slab of the crystal parallel to the given surface. We note that the ordinary frequency band structure of the infinite crystal is contained within the complex band structure of any surface of the crystal.

Solution method:
Solution of the equations of elasticity using multiple-scattering techniques.

The structures that can be considered consist of parallel planes of non-overlapping spheres of given two-dimensional periodicity and uniform plates.

Running time:
For the given test run, about 0.1s per frequency for the band structure calculation and 0.1s per frequency for the transmission/reflection/absorption calculation, on a Pentium 4 (3.00 GHz) PC.