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Manuscript Title: BCVEGPY2.2: A Newly Upgraded Version for Hadronic Production of the Meson Bc and Its Excited States
Authors: Chao-Hsi Chang, Xian-You Wang, Xing-Gang Wu
Program title: BCVEGPY2.2
Catalogue identifier: ADTJ_v2_3
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 197(2015)335
Programming language: FORTRAN 77/90.
Computer: Any LINUX based on PC with FORTRAN 77 or FORTRAN 90 and GNU C compiler as well.
Operating system: LINUX.
RAM: About 2.0 MB
Supplementary material: A copy of the full New Version Announcement is available.
Keywords: Event generator, Hadronic production, Bc meson, Un-weighted events.
Classification: 11.2, 11.5.

Does the new version supersede the previous version?: Yes

Nature of problem:
Hadronic Production of Bc meson and its excited states.

Solution method:
To generate un-weighted events of Bc meson and its excited states by using an improved hit-and-miss technology.

Reasons for new version:
Responding to the feedback from users, such as those from CMS and LHCb groups, we create a new hit-and-miss algorithm for generating the un-weighted events. Furthermore, the relevant codes for generating the 2S-excited state of Bc meson are added, because the excited state production may be sizable in the new LHC run.

Summary of revisions:
Please see supplementary material.

Running time:
It depends on which option is chosen to match PYTHIA when generating the full events and also on which state of Bc meson, either its ground state or its excited states, is to be generated. Typically on a 2.27GHz Intel Xeon E5520 processor machine, for producing the Bc meson ground state:
  • I) If setting [IDWTUP=3 and unwght=.true.], it shall adopt the new hit-and-miss technology to generate the un-weighted events, and to generate 105 events takes 30 minutes;
  • II) If setting [IDWTUP=3 and unwght=.false.] or [IDWTUP=1 and IGENERATE=0], it shall generate the weighted events, and to generate 105 events takes 2 minutes only (the fastest way, for theoretical purpose only);
  • III) As a comparison, if setting [IDWTUP=1 and IGENERATE=1], it shall, as the same as the previous version, adopt the PYTHIA inner hit-and-miss technology to generate the un-weighted events, and to generate 1000 events takes about 22 hours. Thus, the efficiency (and accuracy also) for generating the un-weighted events obviously is greatly increased.