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Manuscript Title: SINGINT: automatic numerical integration of singular integrands.
Authors: N. Kauer
Program title: SINGINT
Catalogue identifier: ADRQ_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 153(2003)233
Programming language: C, Fortran.
Operating system: Red Hat Linux 7.1.
Keywords: Adaptive numerical integration, Multidimensional quadrature, Singular integrands, Rules Integration, Monte Carlo integration, Recursion, Computational methods, Other numerical.
Classification: 4.12.

Nature of problem:
Efficient, robust and automatic numerical computation of multidimensional integrals with singular integrands, for example occurring in the calculation of particle scattering amplitudes in perturbative field theory.

Solution method:
Runtime- or memory-optimised algorithms that combine integration rule and Monte Carlo techniques and employ recursion.

singint_rec, the implementation of the recursive algorithm, is suitable for integrands of up to 12 dimensions. singint_cut, the implementation of the global algorithm, is currently restricted to two dimensions. An extension of the algorithm to more than two dimensions is straightforward and will be implemented in a future version.

Additional comments:
SINGINT can be built with any compatible C and Fortran compilers. It requires GNU Scientific Library 1.2 [1]. The program has been tested with GNU Compiler Collection 3.1 [2] on Red Hat Linux 7.1.

[1] http://sources.redhat.com/gsl/
[2] http://gcc.gnu.org