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Manuscript Title: micrOMEGAs 2.0.7: a program to calculate the relic density of dark matter in a generic model
Authors: G. Bélanger, F. Boudjema, A. Pukhov, A. Semenov
Program title: micrOMEGAs2.1
Catalogue identifier: ADQR_v2_1
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 177(2007)894
Programming language: C and Fortran.
Computer: PC, Alpha, Mac, Sun.
Operating system: UNIX (Linux, OSF1, SunOS, Darwin, Cygwin).
RAM: 17MB depending on the number of processes required
Keywords: Dark matter, relic density, MSSM, Beyond Standard Model, Automatic calculation of Feynman diagrams.
PACS: 95.35.+d, 14.80.Ly, 12.60.Jv.
Classification: 1.9, 11.6.

Does the new version supersede the previous version?: Yes

Nature of problem:
Calculation of the relic density of the lightest stable particle in a generic new model of particle physics.

Solution method:
In numerically solving the evolution equation for the density of darkmatter, relativis- tic formulae for the thermal average are used. All tree-level processes for annihilation and coannihilation of new particles in the model are included. The cross-sections for all processes are calculated exactly with CalcHEP after definition of a model file. Higher-order QCD corrections to Higgs couplings to quark pairs are included.

Reasons for new version:
The main changes in this new version consist on the one hand in improvements of the user interface and treatment of error codes when using spectrum calculators in the MSSM and on the other hand on a completely revised code for the calculation of the relic density in the NMSSM based on the code NMSSMTools1.0.2 for the computation of the spectrum.

Summary of revisions:
  • The version of CalcHEP was updated to CalcHEP 2.4
  • The procedure for shared library generation has been improved. Now the libraries are recalculated each time the model is modified.
  • The default value for the top quark mass has been set to 171.4GeV.
Changes specific to the MSSM model.
  • The deltaMb correction is now included in the B,t,H- vertex and is always included for other Higgs vertices.
  • In case of a fatal error in an RGE program, micrOMEGAs now continues operation while issuing a warning that the given point is not valid. This is important when running scans over parameter space. However this means that the standard ^C command that could be used to cancel a job now only cancels the RGE program. To cancel a job, use "kill -9 -N" where N is the micrOMEGAs process id, all child processes launched by micrOMEGAs will be killed at once.
  • Following the last SLHA2 release, we use key=26 item of EXTPAR block for the pole mass of the CP-odd Higgs so that micrOMEGAs can now use SoftSUSY for spectrum calculation with EWSB input. The Isajet interface was corrected too, so the user has to recompile the isajet_slha executable. For SuSpect we still support an old "wrong" interface where key=24 is used for the mass of the CP-odd Higgs.
  • In case of Non-universal SUGRA model we define M0, M1/2, A0 according to the value of largest subset of equal parameters in each group. In the previous version some fixed parameters from the groups where chosen to define M0, M1/2, A0. Indeed in non-universal SUGRA we don t expect any dependence on these parameters, although spectrum calculators use them for initialization purposes and demonstrate some dependence on them. Now we try to define these parameters in more natural way.
  • We have removed bugs in micrOMEGAs-Isajet interface in case of non-universal SUGRA.
  • $(FFLAGS) is added to compilation instruction of suspect.exe. It was omitted in version 2.0.
  • The treatment of errors in reading of the LesHouches accord file is improved. Now, if the SPINFO block is absent in the SLHA output it is considered as a fatal error.
  • Instructions for calculation of deltartho , gmuon , bsgnlo , and bsmumu con- straints are included in EWSB sample main programs omg.c/omg.cpp/omg.F .
  • We have corrected the name of the library for neutralino-neutralino annihilation in our sample files MSSM/cs br.*.
Changes specific to the NMSSM model.
  • The NMSSM has been completely revised. Now it is based on NMSSMTools 1.0.2.
  • The deltaMb corrections in the NMSSM are included in the Higgs potential.
CP violation model.
  • We have included in our package the Super Symmetry model with CP violation. Our implementation was described in Phys.Rev.D73:115007,2006. It is based on the CPSUPERH package published in Comput. Phys. Commun. 156, 283 (2004).

Unusual features:
Depending on the parameters of the model, the program generates additional new code, compiles it and loads it dynamically.

Running time:
0.2 seconds