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Manuscript Title: Next-to-Minimal SOFTSUSY
Authors: B.C. Allanach, P. Athron, Lewis C. Tunstall, A. Voigt, A.G. Williams
Program title: SOFTSUSY
Catalogue identifier: ADPM_v4_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 185(2014)2322
Programming language: C++, fortran.
Computer: Personal computer.
Operating system: Tested on Linux 3.x.
Word size: 64 bits
Keywords: Sparticle, NMSSM, Higgs.
PACS: 12.60.Jv, 14.80.Ly.
Classification: 11.1, 11.6.

Does the new version supersede the previous version?: Yes

Nature of problem:
Calculating supersymmetric particle spectrum and mixing parameters in the next-to-minimal minimal supersymmetric standard model. The solution to the renormalisation group equations must be consistent with boundary conditions on supersymmetry breaking parameters, as well as on the weak-scale boundary condition on gauge couplings, Yukawa couplings and the Higgs potential parameters.

Solution method:
Nested iterative algorithm and numerical minimisation of the Higgs potential.

Reasons for new version:
Major extension to include the next-to-minimal supersymmetric standard model.

Summary of revisions:
Added additional supersymmetric and supersymmetry breaking parameters associated with the additional gauge singlet. Electroweak symmetry breaking conditions are significantly changed in the next-to-minimal mode, and some sparticle mixing changes. An interface to NMSSMTools has also been included. Some of the object structure has also changed, and the command line interface has been made more user friendly.

SOFTSUSY will provide a solution only in the perturbative regime and it assumes that all couplings of the model are real (i.e. CP-conserving). If the parameter point under investigation is non-physical for some reason (for example because the electroweak potential does not have an acceptable minimum), SOFTSUSY returns an error message.

Running time:
A few seconds per parameter point.