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Manuscript Title: propBG: A program for calculating the intensity and the far-field profile of harmonics emitted by a dilute gas irradiated by an intense Gaussian or Bessel-Gauss laser beam.
Authors: C.F.R. Caron, R.M. Potvliege
Program title: propBG
Catalogue identifier: ADLO_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 126(2000)269
Programming language: Fortran.
Operating system: UNIX (AIX3.2.5/SunOS 5.6/OSF1 4.0D/IRIX 6.4).
RAM: 2M words
Keywords: Plasma physics, Wave plasma, Harmonic generation, Bessel-gauss beams.
Classification: 19.13.

Nature of problem:
The program calculates conversion efficiencies and spatio-temporal far-field profiles of harmonics generated by a gaseous target irradiated by an intense Gaussian or Bessel-Gauss beam, given the relevant atomic data.

Solution method:
The harmonic far-field amplitude is expressed as an integral over the medium, with the help of the retarded Green's function of the propagation equation, and is evaluated by numerical quadrature.

Unusual features:
The optional use of the routine S17DEF of the NAG Fortran Library [1].

Running time:
Depends crucially on the complexity of the problem. About 18 minutes for the test data on a SGI Origin 2000 machine (R10000 processor running at 195 MHz).

[1] NAG Fortran Library Manual, Mark 13 (The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd, Oxford, 1988).