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Manuscript Title: LDCMC version 1.0.
Authors: H. Kharraziha, L. Lonnblad
Program title: LDC version 1.0
Catalogue identifier: ADKK_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 123(1999)153
Programming language: C++, Fortran.
Computer: DEC/Alpha 400MHz.
Operating system: OSF1.
RAM: 20M words
Keywords: Particle physics, Elementary, Phenomenological model, Perturbative QCD, Deep inelastic Scattering, Event generator.
Classification: 11.6.

Nature of problem:
Generating the initial state QCD evolution of partons in deeply inelastic scattering.

Solution method:
Monte Carlo generation of forward evolution using the Linked Dipole Chain approach to the CCFM evolution equations.

At most 500 partons can be generated per event.

Unusual features:
Intermixes Fortran and C++ which may cause problems on some platforms. Is distributed as a part of the Ariadne program as of Ariadne version 4.08.

Running time:
0.1 seconds per event on an 400MHz DEC/Alpha workstation.