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Manuscript Title: Single leptoquark production at high-energy e+e- colliders.
Authors: C.G. Papadopoulos
Program title: ERATO-LQ
Catalogue identifier: ADKD_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 118(1999)81
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: HP.
Operating system: UNIX.
Keywords: Particle physics, Elementary, Event simulation, Leptoquark, Single leptoquark, Production, Four fermion final, States, Event generator.
Classification: 11.2.

Nature of problem:
Leptoquark states emerge in several theoretical frameworks, including the Pati-Salam model, the MSSM, and composite models of quarks and leptons. Leptoquark states coupled to the first generation leptons and quarks can be studied in e+e- colliders. The dominant mode, for leptoquark masses close to the energy threshold, is the single leptoquark production. Leptoquarks can be studied by selecting events with leptons and jets and by investigating the invariant mass distribution of the lepton plus jet system.

Solution method:
Based on the four-fermion event generator ERATO, we have included all possible leptoquark contributions to the processes:
         e-e+ -> l-l+qqbar                                              
          e-e+ -> l- nubarl qqbar'. 
All tree-order Feynaman graphs as well as all necessary phase space mappings have been calculated and incorporated in the present extension ERATO-LQ. Moreover interference terms with the tree-order SM contributions have been fully included. The decay of the leptoquarks has been treated exactly. An additional code providing the total cross section in the resolved photon approximation has also been included.