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Manuscript Title: SPICES1 - a smart-particle code for kinetic plasma simulation.
Authors: V. Riccardo, G.G.M. Coppa, G. Lapenta
Program title: SPICES1
Catalogue identifier: ADIQ_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 113(1998)199
Programming language: Fortran, C.
Computer: IBM-RISC6000 Workstation.
Operating system: UNIX-AIX, Windows 95/NT.
Keywords: Plasma physics, Kinetic models, Particle-in-cell, Vlasov equation, Fokker-planck equation.
Classification: 19.8.

Nature of problem:
The computer code simulates electrostatic processes in plasmas using a kinetic model based on the Vlasov equation and on the Fokker-Planck approximation. One-dimensional problems are considered with either open or periodic boundary conditions.

Solution method:
The code uses the BLOB method for discretizing the governing equations. The BLOB method generalizes the classic Particle-In-Cell method using computational particles with internal degrees of freedom. Fokker-Planck terms are discretized deterministically without using Monte Carlo techniques.

Running time:
The typical running time on an IBM-RISC6000 320H workstation is 1 ms per particle per time step.

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