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Manuscript Title: A program to determine the radiation spectra due to a single atomic- subshell ionisation by a particle or due to deexcitation or decay of radionuclides.
Authors: J. Stepanek
Program title: IMRDEC
Catalogue identifier: ADGL_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 106(1997)237
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: SUN Sparc LX workstation.
Operating system: UNIX.
RAM: 4M words
Word size: 32
Keywords: Atomic physics, Scattering, Photon, Deexcitation, Decay, Relaxation.
Classification: 2.5.

Nature of problem:
Determination of the radiation spectra due to a single atomic-subshell ionisation of a stable atom by a particle, or due to the deexcitation or decay of radionuclides.

Solution method:
The radiation spectra due to a single atomic-subshell ionisation of a stable atom by a particle, or due to the decay of radionuclides are calculated using a deterministic method. The data needed to describe the complete decay scheme are obtained directly from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) maintained at Brookhaven National Laboratory; this results in the simplest possible input specification. The atomic data as well as the atomic relaxation probabilities are taken from the Evaluated Atomic Data Library (EADL) from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In comparison to the Monte Carlo method, the calculation using the deterministic method requires a very short calculational time per nuclide. External data files required: imrdec.inp (input file), ensdf.dir and ensdf.bin (ENSDF directory and data), eadl.dir and eadl.bin (EADL directory and data), incoco.dir and incoco.bin (INCOCO directory and data) and wapstb.dat (library containing isotopic and particle mass data).

Deterministic method is used to calculate all processes instead of a more accurate Monte Carlo method. Considering limitations still needed to determine the atomic relaxation probabilities, the deterministic method is a relatively small source of inaccuracy. Furthermore, the inaccuracy of the deterministic method is larger only in case of isolated atom.

Running time:
Couple of seconds on Sun Sparc LX workstation per nuclide.