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Manuscript Title: A combined mathematica-fortran program package for analytical calculation of the matrix elements of the microscopic cluster model.
Authors: K. Varga
Program title: MCKER
Catalogue identifier: ADFU_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 104(1997)259
Programming language: Mathematica, Fortran.
Computer: IBM PC 386DX.
Operating system: DOS 3.2.
Keywords: Microscopic nuclear Cluster model, Generator coordinate Method, Nuclear physics.
Classification: 17.21.

Nature of problem:
This computer code constructs matrix elements to be used in microscopic studies of light multicluster system.

Solution method:
We analytically evaluate the determinants appearing in the matrix elements of the Slater determinants of the nonorthogonal single particle states, using the symbolic manipulation language "Mathematica". A Fortran code is used to substitute the space part of the single particle matrix elements.

Varies with available memory and type of computer. The useage of the memory depends on the number of clusters and nucleons.

Running time:
For the example given in the test run input, approximately 300 s.