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Manuscript Title: An improved version of ISICS: a program for calculating K-, L- and M-shell cross sections from PWBA and ECPSSR theory using a personal computer.
Authors: Sam J. Cipolla
Program title: ISICS
Catalogue identifier: ADDS_v3_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 179(2008)616
Programming language: C++.
Computer: 80486 or higher-level PCs.
Operating system: WINDOWS 98 through WINDOWS XP.
Keywords: Atomic K-, L-, M-Shell ionization, PWBA and ECPSSR cross sections, Ion-Atom collisions, C++ package, Gauss-Legendre quadrature integration techniques.
PACS: 34.50.Fa, 31.15.-p.
Classification: 16.7.

Does the new version supersede the previous version?: Yes

Nature of problem:
Ionization and x-ray production cross section calculations for ion-atom collisions.

Solution method:
Numerical integration of form factor using a logarithmic transform and Gaussian quadrature, plus exact integration limits.

Reasons for new version:
The formatting of the M-shell atomic parameters involving cross section calculations for Uranium and heavier elements needed to be corrected.

Summary of revisions:
The affected file XCSC.H in ISICS has been corrected and ISICS has been recompiled.

The consumed CPU time increases with the atomic shell (K,L,M), but execution is still very fast.

Running time:
This depends on which shell and the number of different energies to be used in the calculation. For example, to calculate K-shell cross sections for protons striking carbon for 19 different proton energies it took less than 10 s; to calculate M-shell cross sections for protons on gold for 21 proton energies it took 4.2 min.