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Manuscript Title: A Fortran program for the CFP's of boson system with F spin.
Authors: Q.Z. Han, S.T. Hsieh, H.C. Chiang, H.Z. Sun
Program title: CFPBF
Catalogue identifier: ADAH_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 85(1995)463
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: IBM550.
Operating system: AIX 3 for RISC System/6000.
RAM: 612K words
Word size: 32
Keywords: Nuclear physics, Nuclear structure, Interacting boson model, Coefficient of fractional parentage, Reduced matrix element, Generalized Wigner-Eckart theorem.
Classification: 17.18.

Nature of problem:
The wave functions of identical particle system possessing rotational invariance can be calculated through its fractional parentage coefficients (CFPs). Therefore the calculation of the CFPs is quite important in microphysics fields. In comparison with other presently available CFPs code, CFPBF calculates the CFPs with explicit seniority and F spin quantum numbers. It is more efficient when dealing with proton-neutron interacting boson model.

Solution method:
According to the generalized Wigner-Eckart theorem of semisimple compact Lie groups, the CFPs of identical boson system with F spin are factorized as three factors. Two factors are given analytically with the truncation of higher energy F spin state space. The third isoscalar factor of O(N) contained in O(3) is calculated by using a recurrent formula with explicit seniority and reduced F spin [1].

Program CFPBF can calculate the CFPs of identical boson system with any single angular momentum and F spin 1/2. The single angular momentum of boson and the maximal boson number can be set by the user.

Running time:
The running time depends strongly on the single-boson angular momentum and the maximal boson number. For example, it takes about 4 minutes 9 seconds CPU time on the IBM320 computer to get all CFPs of a system with d boson number <= 16.

[1] H.Z. Sun, S.T. Hsieh, H.C. Chiang and Q.Z. Han, Coefficients of fractional parentage of the boson system with single-boson angular momentum l and F spin 1/2, (to be published in J. Phys. A).