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Manuscript Title: Numerical modelling of a chemical plasma. III. DATSTOR: a program to create a database containing information on rate coefficients of chemical reactions.
Authors: S.A. Roberts
Program title: DATSTOR
Catalogue identifier: ACZF_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 18(1979)377
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: ICL 1906A.
Operating system: GEORGE 4.
RAM: 46K words
Word size: 48
Peripherals: disc.
Keywords: Chemical reactions, Atomic process, Rate coefficients, Database, Plasma physics.
Classification: 9, 19.1.

Nature of problem:
DATSTOR is a program to create or update a permanent data base containing information relating to the rate coefficients of chemical reactions, and to create or update a corresponding directory which provides a means for searching the data base for information for any given reaction.

Solution method:
To each chemical reaction are associated four integers from which the reaction may be uniquely identified, and the address of the data base record at which the rate information for the reaction is stored. The data base directory is designed so that given any four integers the corresponding data base address may be rapidly found. In the case of the program being used to update an existing data base, the old data base and directory are left unchanged, and a new data base and directory are created containing the data of the old data base as well as the current input data.

The data base is designed to store three types of information, (1) a constant rate coefficient, (2) tables of rate coefficient vs. the chemical name of a particle which does not change during the chemical reaction, (3) tables of rate coefficients vs. effective electron temperature. Tables of rate coefficients vs. gas ambient temperature have not been included.

Running time:
40 s.