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Manuscript Title: CONVUS - an efficient package for calculating three-dimensional convolution-type of integrals.
Authors: I.E. Lagaris, D.G. Papageorgiou
Program title: CONVUS - LOW ENERGY
Catalogue identifier: ACNI_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 76(1993)80
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: CONTROL DATA CD-4680.
Operating system: EP/IX 1.4.3, COS, A/IX, VM/CMS, VMS, SYSTEM 7/MPW.
RAM: 64K words
Word size: 32
Keywords: General purpose, Quadrature, Convolution 3-d, Numerical quadrature, Gauss-legendre, Gauss-chebychev.
Classification: 4.11.

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Nature of problem:
Problems in physics, chemistry, applied mathematics as well as in other fields, are often in need of an efficient 3-D convolution quadrature.

Solution method:
Algebraic manipulation and repeated use of Gaussian integration.

Care must be taken to choose the integration cut-off properly.

Running time:
Depending on the order of the polynomials chosen. The provided test run took 10.2 cpu seconds on the CD4680.