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Manuscript Title: A REDUCE program for the integration of differential polynomials.
Authors: A.H. Bilge
Program title: INTEG
Catalogue identifier: ACJG_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 71(1992)263
Programming language: Reduce.
Operating system: DOS 5.0.
Keywords: Integration, Conserved densities, Computer algebra.
Classification: 5.

Nature of problem:
The study of the conserved densities and symmetries of polynomial evolution equations leads to the integration of polynomial expressions of the derivatives of certain functions. Actually differential polynomials have a unique decomposition as "total derivatives" and "functional differential monomials" and integration means finding this decomposition. This cannot be acheived with the standard packages of symbolic programming languages.

Solution method:
In the program INTEG, integrations by parts are applied iteratively to differential monomials, starting from the ones involving highest derivatives, in such a way that either the order or the nonlinearity of the derivatives in the integrand is strictly decreasing.

The expressions to be integrated should be differential polynomials.

Unusual features:

Running time:
A few seconds to 1-2 minutes.