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Manuscript Title: LASPE: a subroutine for generating straggling distributions for positrons and electrons.
Authors: D.P. Heddle, L.C. Maximon
Program title: LASPE
Catalogue identifier: ACHD_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 70(1992)77
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: VAX 8700.
Operating system: VMS.
Word size: 32
Keywords: Nuclear physics, Coulomb excitation, Landau straggling, Data analysis, Radiative corrections, Rutherford cross Section, Moller cross section, Bhabha cross section.
Classification: 17.13.

Nature of problem:
Calculation of energy-loss distributions due to straggling for electrons and positrons.

Solution method:
Power series expressions in the fractional energy loss are integrated for the Moller and Bhabha cross sections.

Running time:
2084 point Bhabha-based distribution requires approximately nine CPU seconds on a VAX 8700.