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Manuscript Title: A reliable and fast method for the solution of Fredholm integral equations of the first kind based on Tikhonov regularization.
Authors: J. Weese
Program title: FTIKREG
Catalogue identifier: ACGH_v1_0
Distribution format: tar.gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 69(1992)99
Programming language: Fortran.
Operating system: UNIX, MS-DOS.
Supplementary material: A user manual is available.
Keywords: General purpose, Fit, Fredholm integral Equation of the first Kind, Ill-posed problem, Tikhonov regularization.
Classification: 4.9.

Nature of problem:
Experimental not accessible functions and distributions are often related to an experimental accessible quantity by a Fredholm integral equation of the first kind. Therefore the solution of the integral equation must be calculated from noisy experimental data, in order to determine such a function or distribution.

Solution method:
The solution method is based on Tikhonov regularization. For the determination of the regularization parameter the SC-method is used.

Running time:
For a large number n of data points the running time is proportional to n * ns**2. Thereby ns denotes the number of points at which the result is calculated. For a small number n of data points the running time is proportional to ns**3.