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Manuscript Title: SUPERCALC: a REDUCE package for commutator calculations.
Authors: W.M. Seiler
Program title: SUPERCALC
Catalogue identifier: ACBE_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 66(1991)363
Programming language: Reduce.
Computer: IBM 3090.
Operating system: TSO, TSS, UNIX.
Keywords: Bracket computation in (super) lie and poisson Algebras, Ordered products and The theorem of wick, Infinite sums, Computer algebra, Anomalies in string Theory, Particle physics, Elementary, Qcd.
Classification: 5, 11.5.

Nature of problem:
Symbolic computation of commutators, handling of ordered products, evaluation of infinite sums, computation of anomalies in string theory.

Solution method:
Using the algebraic properties of bracket structures, the commutator (or Poisson bracket) of complicated operators is expressed by the commutators of fundamental operators. For ordered products, the theorem of Wick is applied. Infinite sums are simplified by an heuristic approach.

Unusual features:
Applicable to a wide range of problems; fast performance due to close integration into the REDUCE system.

Running time:
Depends on the complexity of the expressions; usually between a few seconds and a few minutes.