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Manuscript Title: Computer simulation of Mossbauer scattering spectra.
Authors: J.L. Groves
Catalogue identifier: ABOP_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 3(1972)339
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: IBM 360/75.
Operating system: HASP-OS/MVT.
RAM: 81K words
Word size: 32
Keywords: Nuclear physics, Computer simulation, Mossbauer effect, Scattering spectrum.
Classification: 17.3.

Nature of problem:
A Fortran computer program for simulating Mossbauer scattering spectra for large scatterers and large detectors.

Solution method:
We calculate the intensities and energies of the allowed transitions and form the scattering spectrum as a function of the angles locating the scatterer and detector. We then numerically integrate the spectrum over the solid angles subtended by the scatterer and detector.

The simulated spectra are restricted to an axially symmetric source- scatterer-detector arrangement, and the hamiltonian describing the hyperfine interactions of the Mossbauer nuclei with external fields must be diagonal in the |IM> representation.

Running time:
A typical CPU time for a 512 channel, 18-line spectrum using the IBM 360/75 computer is 2 s.