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Manuscript Title: Printer-plotter routine.
Authors: C.F. Moore
Program title: PLOTT
Catalogue identifier: ABOI_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 2(1971)55
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: CDC 6600.
Operating system: UT1.
RAM: 2K words
Word size: 60
Keywords: Other, General purpose, Graphical display, Printer plotter.
Classification: 14.

Nature of problem:
The purpose of this subroutine is to obtain directly on a line printer a crude plot. The subroutine will plot any number of arrays on a surface of variable size limited only by the printer capacity. The subroutine run time is less than one second. The subroutine does not disturb the arrays being plotted.

Solution method:
The maximum and minimum values of each coordinate are found. The data are then modified by an appropriate transformation such that the values range from 0 to "NCL" for the horizontal coordinate and from 0 to "NLS" for the vertical coordinate. These are rounded and truncated into integer values. The integer values are then used to locate the Hollerith symbol in memory. If this location is already occupied by a symbol, an equal sign is substituted for the symbol. The entire hollerith array then represents the plot itself and is consequently printed. The routine has been on the University of Texas systems tape library for four years.

This routine may be used to plot linear, semi-log and semi-square-root graphs. The routine checks input for obvious errors and informs the user.

Running time:
The typical running time is one s.