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Manuscript Title: Kinematics of three-body reactions.
Authors: P.A. Assimakopoulos
Program title: PAKIPLOT
Catalogue identifier: ABMP_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 10(1975)385
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: CDC 3300.
Operating system: MASTER 4.0.
RAM: 8K words
Word size: 24
Keywords: Nuclear physics, Three-body, Kinematics, Final-state interaction, Angular distribution, Nuclear reaction, Recoil centre-of-mass, System.
Classification: 17.8.

Nature of problem:
The Long Write-up summarizes the expressions for evaluating the kinematic variables in reactions of the form A+B-> a1+a2+a3. These variables include the kinetic energy of particles in the final state, the relative final state interaction energy for each pair, the corresponding centre of mass angles and angles in the centre of mass system of an interacting pair. The various centre of mass systems employed here are discussed by Swann. Program PAKINE3 evaluates all these kinematic variables and is an extension of a program described. Program PAKIPLOT produces on the lineprinter a 64x64 channel plot of the kinematic locus for the reaction.

The kinematic is worked out in the non-relativistic limit and for a coplanar geometry.

Running time:
PAKINE3 calculates all the kinematic variables for six pairs of angles of detection in 1 min. PAKIPLOT calculates and plots on the lineprinter the kinematic loci for five simultaneous reactions in 0.5 min.