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Manuscript Title: MINCER: multiloop calculations in quantum field theory for system SCHOONSCHIP.
Authors: S.G. Gorishny, S.A. Larin, L.R. Surguladze, F.V. Tkachov
Program title: MINCER
Catalogue identifier: ABJQ_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 55(1989)381
Programming language: SCHOONSCHIP.
Computer: ES-1060.
Operating system: OS ES (VS2 COMPATIBLE).
RAM: 400K words
Word size: 32
Peripherals: disc.
Keywords: General purpose, Diagramatic expansions, Quantum field theory, High energy physics Calculations, Perturbation theory, Dimensional Regularization, Multiloop feynman Integral, Computer algebra.
Classification: 4.4, 5.

Nature of problem:
Dimensionally regularised multiloop massless Feynman integrals of a propagator type (so called p-integrals) usually appearing in the tasks of the quantum field theory, and in particular, in high energy physics calculations are computed analytically here.

Solution method:
The algorithm, based on the identities, which connect different p-integrals and are true within the dimensional regularization, is used.

Only scalar p-integrals, i.e. the p-integrals, having no free tensor indices, are admitted. The algorithm used allows to calculate only one- loop, two-loop and three-loop integrals. For the integrals the Laurent expansion in terms of Epsilon is calculated up to and including terms of the order O(Epsilon**3-l), where Epsilon is the deviation of the space- time dimension D from the physical dimension four within the dimensional regularization (D=4-2Epsilon) and 1 is the number of loops. It is sufficient, in particular, to perform four-loop renormalization group calculations.

Running time:
It strongly depends on the topology and complexity of the calculated diagram (see the "Illustrative example").