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Manuscript Title: SNEX: semianalytic solution of the one-dimensional discrete ordinates transport equation with diamond differenced angular fluxes.
Authors: B.R. Wienke
Program title: SNEX
Catalogue identifier: AADK_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 38(1985)397
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: CRAY-1S.
Operating system: CTSS.
RAM: 152K words
Word size: 64
Keywords: Radiative transfer, Transport solver, Radiation, Multigroup discrete Ordinates equation.
Classification: 21.1, 21.2.

Nature of problem:
SNEX is a code which solves the single group, one-dimensional (plane, cylinder, sphere) discrete ordinates transport equations with diamond approximation for the angular fluxes. It generates exact numerical solution to the discrete ordinates equations in one-dimensional geometries for transport physics applications (e.g. hydrodynamics, plasma, radiation transfer and neutron transport physics). Cross sections are user specified. Solutions are obtained by numerically integrating the inhomogeneous source terms and adding them to the homogeneous (analytic) solutions in the standard fashion. Simple relationships between angular quadratures permit application of the method to plane, cylindrical and spherical geometries. Analysis is confined to isotropic scattering. Simple theory and methodology are presented and discussed.

Solution method:
Using adaptive 7-point Newton-Cotes quadrature routines, SNEX formally inverts the one-dimensional transport equation with diamond differenced angular fluxes for numerical solution.

Running time:
SNEX processes an S8, 10-coarse mesh region, boundary source problem in spherical geometry in 2 s.