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Manuscript Title: DEPOS: parametric electron energy deposition module in slabs.
Authors: B.L. Lathrop, B.R. Wienke
Program title: DEPOS
Catalogue identifier: AADE_v1_0
Distribution format: gz
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 38(1985)389
Programming language: Fortran.
Computer: CRAY-1S, CDC-7600.
Operating system: CTSS.
RAM: 346K words
Word size: 64
Peripherals: graph plotter.
Keywords: Nuclear physics, Energy loss, Electron-atom, Scattering, Variable phase, Electron-molecule, Photodetachment, K-matrix, Asymptotic solutions, Free-free, Long-range potential.
Classification: 17.2.

Nature of problem:
DEPOS is a code module that computes the energy deposition of monoenergetic fast electrons normally incident on a one-dimensional slab absorber.

Solution method:
The numerical algorithm is based on the parametric fits of Tabala and Ito, valid for atomic number 5.3 <= Z <= 82 and for kinetic energy 0.1 MeV <= T<= 20 MeV. Emperical equations that were developed for the extrapolated range and backscattering of electrons are utilized and bremsstrahlung production is included. Adjustable parameters are least squares fit to experimental and Monte Carlo results and overall agreement is excellent.

Running time:
DEPOS processes electron energy deposition profiles in under 1 s of CRAY-1S time.