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With the aid of a grant from the UK Science Research Council the Computer Physics Communications International Program Library was established at The Queen's University of Belfast in 1969 by Professor P G Burke CBE FRS. The Program Library was financially self-supporting but non-profit making. In 1996 the CPC Program Library became an integral part of the Elsevier Science journal Computer Physics Communications.

The Library's function is the storage and dissemination of refereed computer programs in physics and physical chemistry,whose detailed descriptions have been published in the journal Computer Physics Communications.

In addition, the Program Library also provides:

The Library Contents
The Program Library currently holds over 3000 refereed computer programs which have been contributed by scientists from all over the world. As such it represents a major repository of computational knowledge and technique. These programs range in size from under one thousand to tens of thousands of lines of code. The contributed programs have been coded in a variety of programming languages including Algol, Ada, C, C++, Lisp, Mathematica, Maple, Occam and Pascal: however, the vast majority of contributions are programmed in Fortran.

Each Library program is concisely described by a Program Summary. These are indexed under the twenty-three headings ranging from Astrophysics to Statistical Physics. An information retrieval system enables the Subject Index and Author Index to be explored and the Program Summaries to be viewed and searched [full search | quick search]. A list of the most recently published programs is also available.

The copyright and all other rights to each program in the Program Library remains with the program's author. By submitting a program to the Program Library the author gives the Library permission to distribute it to all those eligible to receive it under the Program Library's distribution service. All programs in the program library are covered by the Disclaimer and non-profit use Licence Agreement. Where a program is covered by a more restrictive Licence Agreement the conditions will be stated in the corresponding Program Summary printed in the CPC journal and distributed with the program source. The Disclaimer and Licence Agreement should be consulted before acquiring any program distributed by the Program Library.

Program Retrieval
Internet access to the entire Program Library is free to all. Programs can be retrieved:
  • by using the toolbar to Download;
  • directly from a displayed Program Summary (where available, program summaries contain hyperlinks to the corresponding full-text articles);

All programs are distributed in a compressed format.